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Job's Temple


Job’s Temple
 by: Brenda K. McCartney

The Job’s Temple Church began services in the late 1850’s when congregants—having southern sympathies-withdrew from the Pisgah Methodist Episcopal Church—just two miles east of this site. Following the Civil War—the church was completed. In 1912, regular services ceased, as the church fell in disrepair, but in the 1930’s interest was revived. There are some 140 plus graves near the church, with the earliest interment being that of Margaret Ann Stalnaker Pickens, wife of James Albert Pickens and daughter of Andrew and Margaret Smith Morris Stalnaker. Records show she was born in 1852, and died February 13, 1870.


In 1936, annual homecomings began at the church. Today these homecomings (usually in August) are organized by the Job’s Temple Association, Inc.—who also, oversees the building and grounds. They have tried to preserve the Church as it once was—with the log walls, ceiling, and benches. Some years ago, the Association—along with other family and friends—worked together to build retaining walls to hold back the drifting hillside from pushing in on the sanctuary. Other repairs were made to the roof and foundation—using tools and methods such as the first builders would have used during that time period. One such method, was hauling in the logs with a team of horses to the Job’s Temple Church site.

On Sunday of the Folk Festival a special worship service is held each year. Robert C. Maxwell (President of the Job’s Temple Association, Inc.) and his wife, Allie will welcome those who come to attend and enjoy the Sunday Service. They will, also, give a brief history about Job’s Temple, while those present sit on log benches, take part in the special worship service—without air conditioning. Pastor Donnie Stout will give the message and lead group singing—with such hymns as “Amazing Grace” and “I’ll Fly Away.” He was born and raised in Braxton County, but his roots run deep, as his mother, Lorina Susan Hickman Stout, lived in the Stout’s Mill area. Donnie has served as Pastor with the Kanawha Drive Baptist Church for over eight years, along with his wife, Paula. Pastor Stout loves to play his guitars and ring out these old hymns, along with other songs—on Sundays or anytime he gets a chance. He and his wife live in the Kanawha Drive Community and have two sons, Stacy (Lilly) and Scottie (Megan), and are the proud grandparents of three boys; Abel, Grady, and Barrett. He and his eldest son, Stacy, work in the logging business together, with the name of their company being, “Where the Timbers Cross Logging Company.”

The final event of the Folk Festival will begin at 9:00 a.m. and if any of you miss seeing or talking with the 2024 Folk Festival Belles—they will attend the service, before retiring to their home counties shortly thereafter.

Remember: The Job’s Temple Church Service is on Sunday, June 23, 2024, beginning at 9:00 a.m. Come join us in the little country church by the road and enjoy a morning of worshiping and singing—taking you back in time!

In 2024, the eighty-fifth Annual Homecoming will be held on Sunday, August 11th, beginning at 10:00 a.m. at Job’s Temple.

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